Ashes in Glass Memorial Jewelry, Keepsakes, Pet Memorials and Urns made in Whitefish, Montana

Ashes in Glass, Custom Memorial Jewelry and Keepsakes made in Montana. We know how hard it is losing someone we love. It is comforting to have something beautiful to keep their love close to our hearts. Over The Rainbow Memorials creates custom glass jewelry and memorials. Each one as unique as those we are honoring. Memorial jewelry can incorporate ash or a lock of hair from departed family or friend. 

Over The Rainbow Memorials started with the desire to comfort a friend who was grieving the loss of a special soul. Together we combined a little of his ash with blown glass into a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Something tangible that she could hold on to. Something that would keep his love close forever..  

Memorial jewelry can incorporate ash, or lock of hair from departed family member, friend or pet.  A teaspoon of ash or a lock of hair can make many pieces.  

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